Adventures In Aging Begins!

Hello! My name is Bill, and I Am Gray. I’ve been noticing for awhile that I’ve been aging, and that I’ve been getting gray. I’ve been seeing changes in myself and those around me. Some of them are tough, and some are funny, and some are a curious mix of the two. Sometimes I am right in the midst, up to my neck as I deal with all the various impacts of my body getting older. Sometimes I feel like I’m an interested bystander, watching all of these things unfold. One day I realized that this is a story that is played out in the lives of so many, and that we can share our stories of the joys and travails of the shared journey of aging. Why not tag along, and see what happens?

So, who am I? I’ve been a Licensed Dispensing Optician for 45 years – I’m the guy who helps you find the perfect pair of of eyeglass frames, and recommend the right type of lenses, then make them fit perfectly, and work with your doctor to solve vision problems. I’m still working two days a week as I “back into retirement.” I’ve been backpacking around the West, and rowed my own raft on several whitewater rivers in the West. I love to eat great food, and drink decent wine – oh, and have a micro-brew beer now and again. If you’d like to see reviews of my dining experiences, please follow me at William “Bill” G on Yelp. My wife and I love to travel, and explore places large and small – we love to find places that have their own unique character. We are now exploring ways we can continue to travel and explore with a very limited retirement budget, and I will be sharing those travels here as well. You can follow those adventures on Instagram at AdventuresInGraying and at I Am Gray on Facebook. In the meantime, this blog is very much a work in progress, so I beg your indulgence as I work out all the kinks in getting it set up to work and function the way I’m hoping.

This blog will not be just about me – I will be interviewing others who are willing to share their stories dealing with physical changes, financial challenges, changing natures of relationships, and all the joys and heartaches of aging. Looking forward to sharing our Adventures In Aging!