Dealing with a Tunnel Vision

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A couple of weeks ago we were at our last larger Skagit Friends of Wine gathering for the year, and I related to one of our friends an image that had taken over my thoughts. We had a wonderful spring and summer and early fall, but now the days are rapidly getting shorter, the temperatures colder, and the rains heavier and more frequent. And with the Delta variant running rampant, our storm warning flags were flapping crazily in the winds of change, warning of extreme danger. Time to retreat to the castle, fill the moat, and pull up the drawbridge. The image that came to my mind was of a tunnel that I was being compelled to enter; a long, dark tunnel with no light at the end, and no end in sight. “That’s DARK”, my friend said and gave me a … look. 

It had been so wonderful to emerge from our hibernation, albeit slowly and cautiously, after we got our vaccination. We took our 4,000 mile road trip detailed here. Terri started our wine-tasting group Skagit Friends of Wine with the goal of making new friends, and boy, did it succeed! And we met lots of new people, like us, looking for friends, and we connected and formed a new little community. It truly felt bad to have to revert to our self-imposed exile in an effort to keep ourselves safe and healthy. Then, to top it off, we found out that whatever level of immunity we had gotten from the vaccine was waning.

Found the silver lining!

But then, a crack in the clouds appeared. In real life, when a small hole appears in the omnipresent cloud cover in the PNW, many of us locals call it a Blue Hole, and it brings an moment of joy. The first Blue Hole was being able to get a booster shot for our vaccine, which should buy us an extra three to six months of enhanced protection. YAY! And then we read that the chances of a vaccinated person getting COVID from a breakthrough case from another vaccinated person were super low. Another yay! That opens up a whole new realm of possibilities to get together with friends over the winter. But wait, there’s more! Both King and Jefferson Counties are now mandating proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID test for indoor dining. What? We have not dined indoors at a  restaurant since late February, 2020, and now (in those counties) we can? Suddenly that tunnel is looking pretty short and well-lit.

And then for the icing on the cake, opportunities came up for us to spend a week at the Oregon coast soon, and several days in Leavenworth in February for snowshoeing and (possibly) cross-country skiing. And maybe – just maybe – even an early spring trip to Sonoma. Yeah, not holding my breath on that one, but you never know.

My vision of that long, black tunnel had given me tunnel vision about the future. But right at this exact moment, as I am writing this, the sun is breaking out from the clouds, spreading its joyous light to my eyes and my heart. My tunnel vision has been replaced by Blue Holes, popping up unexpectedly here and there. Here’s hoping that you are experiencing our own personal “Blue Holes” and moments of joy during these crazy times.

One thought on “Dealing with a Tunnel Vision

  1. Sometimes it takes the possibility/dreading of a long dark tunnel to enhance newly found options. I’m so very grateful that your tunnel has been transformed into opportunities for joy, pleasure and delight!!!!!


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