Exploring McCall, Idaho

“Want to walk to town?” “Sure!” So we headed out on the one mile walk, starting off on the Wooley boardwalk. Built over a wetland, it offers interpretive signage about the importance of these areas.

We had noticed that it looked like there was ice on the lake, so we turned to the north of town to a small park we saw. Yep, the lake was almost completely covered with ice! It gets so thick they have pickup truck races on it midwinter.

The park is located on the previous site of a lumber mill, the last of 6 in this area. It burned down; they salvaged just a few items that are now featured in the park. This photo shows a sculpture of an old “wigwam” burner, with one of the mills old steam whistles on top.

The town itself is cute, if touristy, but fun to check out. The food photo is at Bistro 45, highly recommended. There is also a great brewery we love! Hope you got a bit of a taste of McCall!

One thought on “Exploring McCall, Idaho

  1. Hey brother!! For some reason I could not post on your FIRST blog on this trip, so I will say here that I am exceedingly grateful you were alert and able to avoid TWO head on collisions! What in the world?

    Your photos are fun and interesting, so glad you share your adventures with us.


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