McCall to Eden, Utah

Today was always going to be just a driving day. An easy 250 miles, no more than five hours. So we were surprised when the GPS said it was going to be six and a half hours. What? We rechecked, and yep, somehow I had misconstrued the trip. So, off we went.

Leaving McCall, we soon started following the Payette River. Starting off as a decent stream, it soon turns into a turbulent, boisterous river. The road is a twisting, sinuous, treacherous and incredibly scenic drive. By the time I found a safe place to pull over and snap a photo, it had mellowed out.

About an hour south of Boise, we ran into one heck of a storm. We used to watch Storm Chasers, and I thought the cloud formations resembled a tornadic system. Sheet lightning, cloud-to-cloud lightning, and LOTS of cloud-to-ground lightning. And hail. And then a huge, crazy blast of wind that made the previous 30-40 mph gusts seem like whispers. Finally, after several harrowing minutes, we were through the worst of it.

Finally, after heading east from Provo, we find an extremely steep, twisty, narrow road with no shoulders and few barriers to a cliff like drop off. With a final sigh of relief, we pulled into our parking spot to find the welcoming committee literally on our doorstep. Gobbling their displeasure, they ambled off to greener pastures.

One thought on “McCall to Eden, Utah

  1. This trip is turning out to be a real adventure!! I love your descriptive terms of the road: twisting, sinuous, treacherous! The storm(s) you encountered sounded memorable … good grief, hope your travel becomes more pleasant.


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