Moab, with a Side of Arches

Taking a day off from driving, and hit the town like tourists. Up one side of the street, and down the other. Mostly not tempted by the t-shirts and trinkets, but Terri found a great outfit that will be perfect for the trip, and a cool, small, artistic cross inlaid with turquoise. Stopped for lunch at Spokes on Center, and it was great! Highly recommended.

We weren’t going to go to Arches National Park – it’s so crowded nowadays that you have to have reservations to get in! Unless you arrive after 4:00pm. So that’s what we did. We’ve been there a couple of times, so we just headed out to get in a nice little hike.

Somehow we missed the trailhead for the hike we wanted, and ended up at Devil’s Garden, so that’s what we did to see how far we could get. First up, Landscape Arch.

That’s where the easier, packed trail stopped, and the dust-like sand started, but we kept on going, with the trail eventually turning into gravel and even some slick rock .

The trail eventually turned into a scramble that seemed easy a few years ago, but seemed like a good place to turn around. Just another gorgeous day at Arches.

One thought on “Moab, with a Side of Arches

  1. That is such incredibly beautiful country, almost unbelievable. Blue sky and terra cotta stone, what a combination. Sounds like your hike was just challenging enough. Can’t wait to hear about tomorrow!


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