Moab Slickrock and Alternate Arches

We got a tip from SUWA (Southern Utah Wilderness Association) about some hikes near Moab that weren’t in the National Park. One had multiple water crossings, for which we weren’t prepared. The other one had two areas with challenges for someone with vertigo. We decided to check that one out.

Lots of wildflowers on the way up gave us enough reason to stop and catch our breath. And the rock formations are always so intriguing!

Then we got our first glimpse of Bow tie and Corona Arch, which spurred us on. But first challenge: ascend a near vertical wall with the help of a chain to cling to, and then climb a steel ladder to get over a truly vertical face. Facing her fears, Terri was able to get past both hurdles!

Went off trail a bit to check out the hanging garden at Bow Tie Arch. Plants spring up wherever water passes through occasionally. God’s own little garden!

We made it! So much fun, so much beauty, and such a feeling of accomplishment.

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