Eden to Moab

What a glorious morning for the next leg of our road trip! When we were here before. We drove all around to explore these beautiful mountains, and discovered several ski areas that had been used when Utah hosted the Winter Olympics.

The road back to Ogden was much less harrowing than the drive up. Still, almost never a shoulder to pull out and snap a photo or two. Terri grabbed a couple of shots of this huge and beautiful waterfall.

I’m a sucker for old, and especially abandoned buildings, so when I saw this off the highway coming into Helper, Utah, we took a side road to check it out. The town got its name from where freight trains traveling west stopped to add four or five extra locomotives to make it over the mountain pass. Located across the “street” from this building was a very old motel that apparently had been on the old highway, and is now a private “residence”.

Arriving at Moab, we checked in, loaded up our two tons of gear (we travel heavy), opened the door to our room … only to find it hadn’t been cleaned yet. They gave us a new “upgraded” room with a view. From here we can see “The Notch” and to the left, the LaSal Mountains. We try to ignore the industrial building right in front of us.

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